Gentle Whispering ASMR,轻轻地吹气到面部耳语

斗图8月 11, 2020


00:00欢迎03:01近距离分析06:30蒸汽10:58清洁12:47热毛巾14:25在果冻上刷牙,近距离耳语16:23加热装置,轻微的嗡嗡声和皱纹19:10热毛巾20:07 qtip和棉轮清洁22:20用皱纹纸巾轻柔地提取27:05去角质机,轻微的嗡嗡声和抽风30:55选择Kokoro Moon面膜,盖上盖子35:34敷上面膜37:49头部,耳朵轻按摩面膜干燥时手和手38:24耳朵按摩41:25热毛巾,近距离耳语46:15氧气注入机,轻微的嗡嗡声和一阵空气50:52普遍的史诗护手霜54:06选择润唇膏来完成您的疗程谢谢你的拜访 :)

Welcome back to my soothing spa 🙂 Today I will give you beautifully calming facial with elements of exfoliation and infusion of oxygenated serum. You’ll hear my crinkly shirt, upclose whispering, steam, smoothing of creams, light buzz from my devices, towel swishing and feather light puffs of air from the air brush machine that will help you feel so good and relaxed 🙂 ♥ Thank you ♥
00:00 welcome
03:01 upclose analysis
06:30 steam
10:58 cleansing
12:47 hot towel
14:25 brushing on jelly, upclose whispers
16:23 warming device, light buzz and crinkle
19:10 hot towel
20:07 qtip and cotton rounds clean up
22:20 gentle extractions with crinkly tissues
27:05 exfoliation machine, light buzz and puffs of air
30:55 choosing a Kokoro Moon mask, lids
35:34 applying the mask
37:49 light massage of head, ears and hands while the mask dries
38:24 ear massage
41:25 hot towel, upclose whispers
46:15 oxygen infusion machine, light buzz and puffs of air
50:52 Epically Epic hand lotion
54:06 choosing a lip balm to finish your session
Thank you for visiting 🙂

Oxygen Facial Whisper Ear to Ea


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